jQuery Plugins Repository is down

Posted: August 27, 2010 in jQuery plugin development
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Oh how sad!

Things are not looking too bright now.

The jQuery plugins repository is on a lockdown due to spam flooding. This means I won’t be able to release the 0.2 version of Exposure during this weekend as intended. I will instead start working on the “Download” section of this site to be able to distribute the plugin from there.

For now, the infrastructure team has locked down the site to stop the addition of spam on the site.  We’ve started cleaning the spam from the site and have upgraded the underlying site engine to it’s latest version.  The upgrade is what has taken the time that it has.  The plan is to ideally have the updated site upgraded by the end of the week.  At that time the site will be unlocked to logins again.

For a full status report see this post by Ralph Whitbeck in the jQuery forum.


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