Exposure 0.6 released

Posted: November 16, 2010 in Exposure updates
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Clean it up!

OK boys and girls, let's clean this mess up!

This release includes the following updates:

  • Cleaner code – The exposure code has gone through a rather extensive makeover. A lot of internal functions has been moved from public scope to private scope. Better documentation of the public functions are soon to follow!
  • New demo – A third demo has been added. Try it out!
  • Bundled with jQuery 1.4.4 – Exposure is now bundled with latest release of jQuery.
  • Minified version included in the bundle – You no longer have to download the minified version seperately.
  • Dynamically change the content of the gallery – Two new public functions has been introduced that lets you add and remove images dynamically.
  • New dataTarget option added – Allows you to specify an alternate target for image caption placement. See “Docs” for more info.
  • New allowDuplicates option added – Prevent Exposure from adding duplicates of images by setting this new option to false. See “Docs” for more info.
  • Improved demos – Image container elements in demos now have a default fixed size to prevent “jumping” when the demo galleries are loaded.
  • New onEmpty callback option added – New callback function added that’s called if the gallery is empty after the initial loading. It defaults to taking care of cleaning up and removing any added unneeded controls and containers. See “Docs” for more info.
  1. Jules says:

    Great – Love the new version!