Exposure in the wild: Hannah Nour

Posted: March 2, 2011 in Exposure examples
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Hannah Nour screenshot

Belly dancer Hannah Nour uses Exposure for the gallery on her website.

You might have missed, but there is a section of the Exposure Demos page that is called “Exposure in the wild”. This section lists different implementations of Exposure galleries that really show off the customization of looks and functionality that you can get. These are not demos, they are real galleries, made by real people, and used in real websites!

The latest addition to this section is Hannah Nour. Hannah is a professional belly dancer, and Exposure is used to create the gallery on her website and it blends in perfectly in to the splendid design!

Do you have a site that uses Exposure that you would like to list in this section? Just send me an email and I’ll add a link to your site.


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