Exposure 1.0 Beta is here!

Posted: August 19, 2011 in Exposure updates
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Exposure 1.0 is now Beta!

Yes it’s true! I finally got around to completing the last few remaining parts of the 1.0 Beta. The main new feature is of course the ability to include several Exposure galleries per page (the by far most requested feature)! This feature required a major rewrite of the plugin which has brought some big changes to the API. All the demos in the Beta package have been updated to reflect these changes, and I’ve also added a new seventh demo showing the new multiple albums feature. I will update the Docs as soon as possible, in the meantime I hope that the demos will help guide you, and if you have any questions you can always post them here.

Please download the new 1.0 Beta release and help me test it. All feedback and bug reports are helpful!

Download Exposure 1.0b1

  1. Amy says:

    There’s probably a very obvious answer to this question, but when I change pageSize to 7 from 5, nothing happens. Do I need to change something somewhere else? I want 7 thumbs to show.