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Sometimes it's hard to find the right tool for the job

Time for a credits post! Here are a few tools that I’ve found very useful when working with Exposure:

Great web based code quality tool that does a static analysis of your JavaScript code and tells you what’s wrong it.

Minify JavaScript
I use this web based Javascript compressor to create the minified version of Exposure. Works like a charm!

Please note: I develop Exposure on a Mac, so if you are on a PC the next two tools simply won’t do you any good.

Brilliant tiny zip application that lets you create Windows friendly zip archives on your Mac. No more problems with strange Mac OS X specific files in my release archives!

Lightweight text editor app that launches in a heartbeat. Perfect when making smaller changes to JavaScript code. (The site seems to be a bit off currently, but still a great application).


jQuery 1.4.3 - write even less, do even more

This weekend version 1.4.3 of jQuery was released. One of the biggest improvements from my point of view is the new and up to 20% faster .css() function, which now also supports adding custom CSS properties using jQuery plugins. Also the faster traversing using .closest(), .filter(), .find() and .is() seems quite promising.

There’s also some new features, a quite handy utility function called jQuery.type() has been added. This function checks the current type of any given JavaScript object. For example jQuery.type(true) would return “boolean” and jQuery.type(function() {}) would return “function”.

Read about the all of the new additions and improvements in the updated jQuery 1.4.3 documentation.

Exposure is out of the box compatible with this latest update, so for the next release I will bundle Exposure with jQuery 1.4.3.