Take Exposure for a test drive.

Demo 1: Full blown gallery

Basic gallery that includes a paged thumbnail list next to the photo.

This demo features a full blown gallery that makes use of many of the features that Exposure has to offer. It includes a thumbnail list with paging, shows captions, and has also incorporates a slideshow.

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Demo 2: Stripped down gallery

Stripped down gallery that just displays one large image with paging.

This demo features a stripped down Exposure gallery that keeps the image being shown in focus. It uses some of the core functionality of Exposure, like keyboard and click through navigation, and also includes a nice and smooth custom cross-fade transition effect.

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Demo 3: Gallery with customized colors and positioning

Variying colors and positioning of images.

This demo features an Exposure gallery where the thumbnails has been placed in a strip above the image. The caption panel is automatically shown when a viewer hovers the mouse over the main image, and automatically hidden again when the viewer moves the mouse away. The demo also features a different color scheme from the previous demos. With Exposure you can alter all the design elements of the gallery by just making a few style sheet changes.

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Demo 4: Gallery with image carousel and customized controls

Views the images in a carousel.

This demo features an Exposure experience that displays the thumbnail images in a carousel view. It also uses customized next/previous image controls (the navigation arrows).

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Demo 5: Gallery that is…a bit different

Showing off many different features like custom navigation, image counter, and additional data shown next to each image.

This gallery doesn’t use the classic thumbnail view, instead it uses it’s own custom navigation thumbnails that easily lets you navigate to the next and previous images in the gallery. It also includes and image counter, and it shows how to attach additional data to be displayed alongside your images. Captions are displayed below the main image together with the additional data.

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Demo 6: Gallery with full screen modal slideshow

Modal display of photos in full screen mode.

This gallery starts by listing a few thumbnails. When clicked on, the thumbnails will open a full screen modal slideshow.

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Demo 7: Two galleries within the same page

Multiple galleries within the same page.

As of Exposure 1.0 it is possible to create multiple Exposure galleries within the same page. This demo shows how.

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Demo 8: Vertically and horizontally centered

Vertically and horizontally centered images.

This demo shows how to create a gallery where the main image are vertically and horizontally centered.

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Exposure in the wild

Real life examples of different Exposure implementations.

  • Lisa Byrne – London based artist Lisa Byrne uses Exposure to exhibit her work on her website.
  • Paul Brossier – Paul uses Exposure to display photos from his travels in his travel blog.
  • Hannah Nour – Belly dancer Hannah Nour uses Exposure to create a gallery on her site.
  • Louis Cruises – Louis Cruises has integrated Exposure into their site to show off photos from their luxurious cruise ships (example shows photos from the Louis Majesty ship).
  • Athens Lindy Hop – Greek swing dancing club Athens Lindy hop uses Exposure to display photos from their events.

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Your own gallery

Want to use Exposure for your own images? You can give your galleries any look you want. You’ll find everything you need under “Downloads“.