Download the latest version of the Exposure plugin for jQuery. For instructions on how to use the plugin see “Docs“.

Exposure 1.0.1
(released 2012-Sep-20)

Right click on the package you want and choose “Save as…”.

Previous versions

  • Arabic (thanks to Muhammad)
    (added 2011-Sep-14)
  • Catalan (thanks to Xavi)
    (added 2011-Mar-08)
  • Czech (thanks to Martin)
    (added 2011-May-03)
  • Dutch (thanks to Andilo)
    (added 2011-Feb-17)
  • Finnish (thanks to Ilmari)
    (added 2011-Jan-20)
  • French (thanks to Gaël)
    (added 2010-Dec-15)
  • German
    (added 2010-Sep-28)
  • Greek (thanks to Alex)
    (added 2011-Feb-23)
  • Italian (thanks to Jacopo)
    (added 2010-Oct-22)
  • Polish (thanks to Witek)
    (added 2011-Nov-23)
  • Portuguese (Brazilian) (thanks to Rochester)
    (added 2011-Jan-31)
  • Russian (thanks to Yuriy)
    (added 2010-Oct-15)
  • Simplified Chinese (thanks to NaziCP)
    (added 2011-Aug-05)
  • Spanish (thanks to Miguel)
    (added 2010-Oct-26)
  • Swedish
    (added 2010-Sep-28)
  • Turkish (thanks to Iskender TOTOGLU)
    (added 2012-Feb-23)
  • Urdu (thanks to Tahir Mustafa)
    (added 2012-Oct-20)

Want to help with translating Exposure to your language? Send an e-mail to