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Spanish flag

Exposure ahora habla español!

This release includes the following updates:

  • Spanish localization added – Exposure is now translated to Spanish. Big thanks to Miguel!
  • Keyboard shortcuts for slideshow – Use the space key to play or pause the slideshow.
  • Select which image to start with – Add the CSS class “selected” to any image link to make Exposure start with that image loaded instead of with the first one.
  • Slideshow without controls – You can now use the slideshow feature without having to specify a slideshow controls target.
  • Default onImage implementation – Added a default implementation of the onImage callback function that removes the previous image.
  • Option to hide thumbnail tooltips – New option “showThumbToolTip” added.
  • onKeyDown callback removed – Since it wasn’t really needed with the current version of the Hotkeys plugin, the onKeyDown callback function has been removed. If you miss it, please let me know.

Download Exposure 0.5.2 or see the updated Docs section.