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Exposure now has image carousel support.

First I’d like to start by saying thank you for all the nice comments I’ve received in e-mails and in the “Feedback” section lately. I really appreciate it! I hope you’ll all like Exposure 0.7 as it includes a couple of new features that’s been requested by you guys.

Exposure 0.7 includes the following updates:

  • Image carousel support – You can view display the thumbnails in a carousel view. Big thanks to Nickolai Stanchev at Nimisoft for contributing with code for this fantastic new feature.
  • New demo addedA new demo that shows the new carousel feature has been added to the bundle.
  • Tie paging controls to images instead of pages – The new option imageControls lets you change the behavior of the paging controls. The new behavior will tie the controls to images instead of to pages (for example “Next” will then mean “next image” instead of “next page”). The third demo has been updated to demonstrate how to use this new feature. Read more about this in the documentation.
  • New key bindings – New keyboard navigation bindings has been added:
    • Up arrow – Last photo
    • Down arrow – First photo
    • Ctrl+Up arrow – Last page
    • Ctrl+Down arrow – Last page
  • Fixed broken minified script – The minified script found in the bundle should work this time.
  • Fixed broken German localization – The German localization file in the bundle should also work a lot better now.
  • Cleaner zip archive – No more Mac OS X specific files that looks weird to PC users.
  • New initialization callback function – New callback function onInit has been added to the options.
  • Several public functions added and updated – Several new public functions has been added and a few of the older ones has been updated. Check out the documentation!


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