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Exposure can now use JSON as an image data source.

Exposure 0.8 includes the following updates:

  • JSON as alternate input source – Exposure now supports an alternate input source using the new jsonSource option. This option can be used in three different ways. You can either pass it a JSON object, a JSON formatted string or an URL that points to a JSON source (in this case Exposure uses AJAX to fetch the data). For more details see “Docs“. Learn more about the JSON format.
  • Create thumbnail from large image if missing – When a thumbnail is missing Exposure will now by default create a thumbnail from the larger version of the image. Learn more about the updated behavior in the updated “Docs” section.
  • Thumbnail preloading – Thumbnails will now also be preloaded one page ahead (but not when using “Carousel mode”).
  • French translation added – Exposure is now translated to French! Big thanks to Gaël! (Chinese and Japanese translations still wanted though.)
  • Better page transition support – onPageChanged callback option behavior has been changed to enable better support for page transition. An example can be seen in Demo 1.
  • New onCarousel callback option – onCarousel can be used to add transition effects when browsing through a carousel gallery. See Demo 4 for an example.
  • New demo added – New demo added that uses a different layout and uses it’s own custom thumbnail navation.
  • Key events mapping changed – Key events are now trigger “on key up” instead of “on key down” (to prevent holding down the right or left arrow to crash the gallery).
  • New public getter functions for current page and image – You can now use currentPage() and currentImage() to access the current page and image.
  • Cleaned up unused markup – Exposure will no longer generate unused markup (e.g. no thumbnails container when showThumbs is set to false).
  • Demo 4 fixed – Fixed a syntax error in Demo 4.
  • Demo 3 fixed – Fixed problem with thumbnails not properly fading out.
  • Demo 2 fixed – Fixed a misspelt variable name in Demo 2.


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Edit: The download link for the zip version was initially broken, but it has been fixed now.


Happy new code

I just commited the first code changes of the year to the Exposure project. Version 0.8 is almost ready to be released and I have high hopes of getting Exposure up to 1.0 within the next couple of months. Very exciting!

What would you like to see in the 1.0 release of Exposure? Let me know!