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Exposure 1.0 is live!

After a long long wait I’m now pround to announce that Exposure 1.0 finally is release ready!

Exposure 1.0 contains the following updates and bug fixes:

  • Multiple gallerier per page – The most asked for feature! You are now able to run multiple Exposure instances on a single page.
  • Significant API changes – In order to cater for the support for multiple galleries I had to rewrite large parts of the plugin. This also means that several parts of the API has been changed. Take a look at the updated Documentation and Demos to get an idea of how this affects your galleries. Some of the changes includes:
    • Public function currentPage has been renamed currentPageNumber
    • Public function currentPage has been renamed currentPageNumber
    • Callback option onEmpty now takes a “gallery” parameter
    • You can reference some of the important elements (target element, wrapper element etc.) through a reference to your “gallery” element
    • Important selector classes are now stored as constants in the new static exposure object
  • Better demos – All demos have been updated to use the new API. The demos are now also linked to each other so that you can browse between them more easily. Demo 5 has been updated to show examples on how to display captions below images, how to implement an image counter and how to add additional content to your images.
  • New demos – Demo 7 shows how to use the new multiple galleries per page features and Demo 8 shows how to create a gallery where the images are centered both vertically and horizontally.
  • Czech translation added – Big thanks to Martin!
  • Simplified Chinese translation added – Big thanks to NaziCP!
  • Arabic translation added – Big thanks to Muhammad!
  • Better support for hover effects – Hover effects, like the sliding caption panel, are easier to implement thanks to the two new callback options onImageHoverOver and onImageHoverOut
  • New public function – imageHasData() lets you check if the currently displayed image also has any data (caption or additional data) up for display
  • jQuery 1.6.4 – Exposure is now bundled with jQuery 1.6.4
  • Reduced footprint – The size of the minfied version of Exposure has been reduced.

Exposure 1.0 is tested to work with Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Internet Explorer (8+ is supported, 6 and 7 still works but is not actively supported).

Download Exposure 1.0

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Crappy image, for a crappy browser (or Exposure now works in IE7... again.)

  • Internet Explorer 7 supported – Exposure should now be working in Internet Explorer 7.

Get the latest version while its still hot.

Power Up

Eat a mushroom and get Exposure 0.4, with cross-fading effects!

Here’s the updates included in this release:

  • Localization support – Exposure now supports localization. Help me translating Exposure to your language! Send an e-mail to
  • Cross-fading effects – Cross-fading is now supported and added to the demos. Check it out!
  • All major browsers supported. – Exposure is tested to work with Internet Explorer 8, Firefox 3.6, Safari 5, Google Chrome 6 and Opera 10.6.

Get the latest version from the “Downloads” section.

First aid

Applying a minor patch.

This patch release includes some minor fixes:

  • Fixed IE8 bug in first demo that prevented transition effects and caption viewing.
  • Removed the .DS_Store files from download package (I always seem to forget about them).

Get the latest version from the “Downloads” section.