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Exposure is now on GitHub!

Suddently! An update!

Exposure 1.0.1 contains the following updates and bug fixes:

  • Fullscreen mode fixed – Fixed problem with first image not resizing properly when using fullscreen mode (e.g. demo 6).
  • Polish translation added – Big thanks to Witek!
  • Turkish translation added – Big thanks to Iskender TOTOGLU!

Download Exposure 1.0.1

Exposure on GitHub

In other news. I also decided to move the Exposure project to GitHub.

Check out the brand new Exposure project page on GitHub:

If you for some reason want to help out with the development, this is the place to go.


Exposure 1.0 is live!

After a long long wait I’m now pround to announce that Exposure 1.0 finally is release ready!

Exposure 1.0 contains the following updates and bug fixes:

  • Multiple gallerier per page – The most asked for feature! You are now able to run multiple Exposure instances on a single page.
  • Significant API changes – In order to cater for the support for multiple galleries I had to rewrite large parts of the plugin. This also means that several parts of the API has been changed. Take a look at the updated Documentation and Demos to get an idea of how this affects your galleries. Some of the changes includes:
    • Public function currentPage has been renamed currentPageNumber
    • Public function currentPage has been renamed currentPageNumber
    • Callback option onEmpty now takes a “gallery” parameter
    • You can reference some of the important elements (target element, wrapper element etc.) through a reference to your “gallery” element
    • Important selector classes are now stored as constants in the new static exposure object
  • Better demos – All demos have been updated to use the new API. The demos are now also linked to each other so that you can browse between them more easily. Demo 5 has been updated to show examples on how to display captions below images, how to implement an image counter and how to add additional content to your images.
  • New demos – Demo 7 shows how to use the new multiple galleries per page features and Demo 8 shows how to create a gallery where the images are centered both vertically and horizontally.
  • Czech translation added – Big thanks to Martin!
  • Simplified Chinese translation added – Big thanks to NaziCP!
  • Arabic translation added – Big thanks to Muhammad!
  • Better support for hover effects – Hover effects, like the sliding caption panel, are easier to implement thanks to the two new callback options onImageHoverOver and onImageHoverOut
  • New public function – imageHasData() lets you check if the currently displayed image also has any data (caption or additional data) up for display
  • jQuery 1.6.4 – Exposure is now bundled with jQuery 1.6.4
  • Reduced footprint – The size of the minfied version of Exposure has been reduced.

Exposure 1.0 is tested to work with Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Internet Explorer (8+ is supported, 6 and 7 still works but is not actively supported).

Download Exposure 1.0

Support the future development of Exposure:

Make a small donation and support the future development of the Exposure plugin.


Exposure 1.0 is now Beta!

Yes it’s true! I finally got around to completing the last few remaining parts of the 1.0 Beta. The main new feature is of course the ability to include several Exposure galleries per page (the by far most requested feature)! This feature required a major rewrite of the plugin which has brought some big changes to the API. All the demos in the Beta package have been updated to reflect these changes, and I’ve also added a new seventh demo showing the new multiple albums feature. I will update the Docs as soon as possible, in the meantime I hope that the demos will help guide you, and if you have any questions you can always post them here.

Please download the new 1.0 Beta release and help me test it. All feedback and bug reports are helpful!

Download Exposure 1.0b1

Bugs Bunny

Less bugs.

Exposure 0.9.1 contains fixes for the following bugs:

  • AdBlock extension for Chrome/Safari blocks viewing of images – I was finally able to come up with a workaround for the bug described in this old blog post.
  • Thumbnails list changing height when switching page – All thumbnail containers should now get their height set properly. I had to modify the default behavior of the onPageChanged callback function. See the updated demo 1.
  • Fullscreen mode doesn’t properly center images in the window – The main image is now properly centered.
  • Fullscreen mode doesn’t respect borders and margins of the target element – Fullscreen mode now takes the border, margin, and padding of both the target element and the main image when calculating the maximum size of the image.


Support the Exposure project:


Big screen

Exposure is now ready for the big screen

I’m happy to introduce the next version of Exposure! This update is one of the biggest yet, and we’re getting close to 1.0! The update includes a bunch of new features and improvements. It’s been available for download for a few days already but I wanted to complete all of the documentation before officially announcing it. Now that I’m finally done with the that, here it is!

Exposure 0.9 includes the following updates:

  • Dynamic resizing added – You can now set maxWidth and maxHeight options to define a maximum size for the images in your galleries. Larger images will be downscaled. You can also use the new stretchToMaxSize option to stretch smaller images to the fixed maximum size.
  • Full screen and modal window support added – Exposure now has the ability to run in full screen mode by enabling the fullScreen option, if you feed it images that are large enough, or combine it with the stretchToMazSize option. For smaller images the fullScreen mode can be used to create a modal window slideshow. For an example of this see the new demo. I’ve also added two new callback options, one for entering full screen mode and one for leaving it.
  • Customized paging links – Use the new onPagingLink callback option to create your own customized paging links. Learn more in the documentation.
  • Browse pages separately – Use the new separatePageBrowsing option to make it possible to flip through the pages off the gallery without updating the image being shown.
  • Dynamically remove a specific image – Since version 0.6 you have been able to dynamically remove all the images inside the gallery in order to rebuild it. Now you can also remove individual images.
  • Don’t automatically show first image – The new viewFirstImage option turns off the automatic showing of the first image in the gallery.
  • Bundled with jQuery 1.5.1 – Exposure is now bundled with the latest version of jQuery.
  • New demo addedDemo 6 displays some of the new features of Exposure 0.9, including modal window support and not automatically showing the first image.
  • Greek localization added – Exposure now speaks Greek. Big thanks to Alex!
  • Dutch localization added – Exposure now speaks Dutch. Big thanks to Andilo!
  • Catalan localization added – Exposure now speaks Catalan. Big thanks to Xavi!
  • Minor slideshow controls improvements – Fixed problem with “show slideshow” not disappearing when setting enableSlideshow to false.


Support the Exposure project:



Brick after brick...

Exposure 0.8.1 includes the following updates:

  • Finnish localization added – Exposure now speaks Finnish. Big thanks to Ilmari!
  • Brazilian Portugese localization added – Exposure now speaks Brazilian Portugese. Big thanks to Rochester!
  • Hide preloaded thumbnails – Preloaded thumbnails are now properly hidden by default.
  • Minor thumbnail height issue – Fixed minor thumbnail height issue in demo3 and demo4.
  • Version variable added – Version variable added (mainly for me to see which version of Exposure you are using when you ask me for help).


Support the Exposure project:



Exposure can now use JSON as an image data source.

Exposure 0.8 includes the following updates:

  • JSON as alternate input source – Exposure now supports an alternate input source using the new jsonSource option. This option can be used in three different ways. You can either pass it a JSON object, a JSON formatted string or an URL that points to a JSON source (in this case Exposure uses AJAX to fetch the data). For more details see “Docs“. Learn more about the JSON format.
  • Create thumbnail from large image if missing – When a thumbnail is missing Exposure will now by default create a thumbnail from the larger version of the image. Learn more about the updated behavior in the updated “Docs” section.
  • Thumbnail preloading – Thumbnails will now also be preloaded one page ahead (but not when using “Carousel mode”).
  • French translation added – Exposure is now translated to French! Big thanks to Gaël! (Chinese and Japanese translations still wanted though.)
  • Better page transition support – onPageChanged callback option behavior has been changed to enable better support for page transition. An example can be seen in Demo 1.
  • New onCarousel callback option – onCarousel can be used to add transition effects when browsing through a carousel gallery. See Demo 4 for an example.
  • New demo added – New demo added that uses a different layout and uses it’s own custom thumbnail navation.
  • Key events mapping changed – Key events are now trigger “on key up” instead of “on key down” (to prevent holding down the right or left arrow to crash the gallery).
  • New public getter functions for current page and image – You can now use currentPage() and currentImage() to access the current page and image.
  • Cleaned up unused markup – Exposure will no longer generate unused markup (e.g. no thumbnails container when showThumbs is set to false).
  • Demo 4 fixed – Fixed a syntax error in Demo 4.
  • Demo 3 fixed – Fixed problem with thumbnails not properly fading out.
  • Demo 2 fixed – Fixed a misspelt variable name in Demo 2.


Support the Exposure project:


Edit: The download link for the zip version was initially broken, but it has been fixed now.