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Exposure now has slideshow support!

Here’s what I’ve added in this release:

  • Slideshow support – Exposure now finally has slideshow support! Four new options has been added to support this feature. See the “Docs” for more information. Try it right away.
  • Russian translation – Exposure is now translated to Russian (big thanks to Yuriy!). This means Exposure now speaks 4 languages. To add your language send me an e-mail to
  • Fixed size target element – New option added to prevent auto-resizing of the target element.
Keyboard navigation

Navigate using your keyboard

The built in keyboard navigation in Exposure is powered by the jQuery Hotkeys Plugin by John Resig.

Here’s the full list of the currently supported actions in Exposure (more are likely to soon be added):

  • Left arrow – Previous photo
  • Right arrow – Next photo
  • Ctrl+Left arrow – Next page
  • Ctrl+Right arrow – Previous page

Crappy image, for a crappy browser (or Exposure now works in IE7... again.)

  • Internet Explorer 7 supported – Exposure should now be working in Internet Explorer 7.

Get the latest version while its still hot.

Empty box

But... it's empty!

This patch release has only one minor update:

  • Handle empty lists – Exposure will no longer create an empty gallery if the list it’s attached to is empty.

Get the latest version of Exposure from the “Downloads” section.

Power Up

Eat a mushroom and get Exposure 0.4, with cross-fading effects!

Here’s the updates included in this release:

  • Localization support – Exposure now supports localization. Help me translating Exposure to your language! Send an e-mail to
  • Cross-fading effects – Cross-fading is now supported and added to the demos. Check it out!
  • All major browsers supported. – Exposure is tested to work with Internet Explorer 8, Firefox 3.6, Safari 5, Google Chrome 6 and Opera 10.6.

Get the latest version from the “Downloads” section.

First aid

Applying a minor patch.

This patch release includes some minor fixes:

  • Fixed IE8 bug in first demo that prevented transition effects and caption viewing.
  • Removed the .DS_Store files from download package (I always seem to forget about them).

Get the latest version from the “Downloads” section.


Here's another update!

Exposure 0.3 has been released! Get it your fresh copy from the “Downloads” section.

This version includes (for more details see the now updated “Docs” section):

  • Better additional data handling – Additional data has been moved to sibling elements.
  • Better thumbnail handling – Inner image element can be used as thumbnail (as a complement to using the rel attribute).
  • Limit pages shown in paging – New option added.
  • Last and First buttons added – You can now move directly to first/last pages.
  • Customize visible paging controls – You can now choose to show and hide previous/next, first/last and page number buttons.