Exposure is an image viewing plugin for the jQuery JavaScript library. It’s designed for creating rich, fully customizable viewing experiences, and can handle very large amounts of images without pushing your bandwidth through the roof.

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The Exposure plugin for jQuery is released under the MIT license.

Exposure also makes use of the jQuery Hotkeys Plugin by John Resig, which is dual licensed under the MIT and GPL Version 2 licenses.

About the author


My name is Kristoffer Jelbring and I’m a 26 year old Swedish computer engineer. I currently work as a web/operations manager for Mojang. Before that I was a product manager/systems developer for jalbum.net, and that’s also where I got introduced to the wonderful world of jQuery. I have developed several jQuery based album themes (or skins) for Jalbum, and the most popular one is Galleria which has been used to create over 100.000 web albums. The Galleria skin is based on the superb jQuery plugin with the same name.

When working with Galleria and other similar plugins (like Galleriffic, which also is a great plugin) I eventually always found myself limited and was forced to go into the source code to make modifications here and there. So I got the idea to create my very own image viewing plugin, something that would be 100% customizable and still fully functional out of the box. This is how Exposure was born.

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E-mail: kris@blogocracy.org

Twitter: @KrisJelbring

Jalbum: kristoffer